Google Recognized Ecommerce PPC Agency in Toronto

With over 2 billion global customers who love to shop online, businesses’ trends and scope have drastically changed. The rising popularity of the e-commerce business opens the doors of a productive and prosperous business for many aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Are you one of those passionate people who want to grow and scale their online business? If yes, then the foremost thing you need after getting your website developed is a trusted e-commerce PPC agency in Toronto.


Rising popularity increases competition. If you wish to overwhelm your competitors and take the lead, you certainly need to work out of the box and engage a broader audience in Toronto. 

It is only possible by utilizing expert e-commerce PPC services in Toronto that will market your product to the maximum audience.

At Macro Digital, we are trusted and google recognized premium partners who offer our e-commerce PPC services in Toronto.

We partner with businesses and design, devise, and implement the PPC campaigns that markets their product to a broader audience.

The more audience we engage, the greater the chances of potential sales, and hence, more significant the business activity.

How Can We Help You!
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Are you a newbie who just got his site developed? You can still stand in a good position and address a large audience right off the bat. Curious to know how? The answer is simple; Macro Digital e-commerce PPC agency.


Even if you are not on the first page in the search engines, our e-commerce PPC agency in Toronto can boost your website traffic.

Our PPC campaigns and shopping ads are the marketing strategy we employ to attract visitors to your online store. 

This is why over 70% of the people prefer to spend money on PPC campaigns as a marketing strategy since it offers quick and robust results.

Therefore, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the greater the PPC marketing campaign, the greater the organic traffic on your e-commerce store.


A greater organic audience on the website opens the doors to sales and hence, boosts conversions.

As your dedicated e-commerce PPC agency in Toronto, we would utilize all the essential PPC marketing measures to bring an audience to your site.

Soon, you would be converting a lot of random visitors into regular customers on your store, and all this with just a little magic of PPC campaigns by Macro Digital.


Utilizing our e-commerce PPC services in Toronto is just like walking a pathway to prosperity. Our marketing experts will help you reach your goals by engaging more and more audiences in your store. 

A greater audience not only opens the doors for productive business activity, but it is highly fruitful for spreading brand awareness and would provide you a chance to increase your brand loyalty by offering and delivering quality products to your customers.


One of the most significant benefits of hiring us as your e-commerce PPC agency is responsiveness. The good thing about PPC and shopping ads is their instant outcome. As soon as your ads are lit, or your PPC’s go live, there is no stopping!

Hiring us will ensure engaging ads that would lure the visitor and grab their attention to click the ad and visit your site. Hence, along with increasing the leads, Macro Digital ensures a quick ROI and instant result.


with over 2 billion global online shoppers, you can already imagine the scope of the online business. Surprisingly, over 12 million people in the world have already set their e-commerce store and are producing sales.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you would already be aware of the benefits and the ever-increasing demand and online shopping trend. Therefore, it’s time for you to step up in the business, utilize our e-commerce PPC services in Toronto, and take the lead with an ever-increasing audience.

We aim and strive to offer the maximum output and ensure a more significant ROI for your business.

Our e-commerce PPC agency in Toronto provides the following services:


To ensure that the cost you pay is spent well, we begin with a PPC campaign framework. Being a veteran e-commerce PPC agency in Toronto, we have built a list of satisfied clients over time. 

Our work expertise combined with our past experiences enables us to devise the most productive and practical PPC campaigns, where we create the best ads for your business by keeping an eye on the budget.


Writing an engaging and resonating copy can be tricky, especially when you have to keep it extremely precise. Researches indicate that you only have 3 to 4 seconds to engage a visitor with your ad copy. 

To keep up the pace and engage the visitors and intrigue them to visit your website, our e-commerce PPC agency in Toronto offers ad copywriting. Our experts are well versed, and our vast work experience enables us to produce a resonating copy.

Moreover, we do not forget to use extensions and targeted keywords in the ad to ensure a better ad quality score.


You paid the price, and you set the ads, but it still didn’t work out well. That is probably because of flawed keyword research that ultimately fails to address the right audience.

Our marketing experts conduct in-depth keyword research where we shortlist high-volume keywords and niche-specific keywords.

Niche-specific keywords allow us to set campaigns on particular landing pages that ultimately increase the audience’s ratio that the ad produces.


One can never be sure about the ad’s fate or the incorporated keyword trends in an ad. The digital world always keeps evolving, and ad campaigns need to be updated accordingly to attract and engage a larger audience.

Realizing the need of the hour, we do not rely solely on one ad variant only; we create two ad designs and implement them separately to figure out the difference and get proven results regarding which ad suits our customer’s website best.


  1. Conducting a cogent analysis of the market
  2. Finding potential competitors that produce and sell the same products
  3. Conducting keyword research to gain an insight into customer’s mind
  4. Creating ad copy
  5. Optimizing ad copy with keywords and ad extensions
  6. Keeping track of the PPC campaign position
  7. Monitoring the click rate
  8. Recording and calculating the cost per click of the ad
  9. Monitoring the site traffic and the sales generated to calculate conversions
  10. a/b testing to ensure better ad results
  11. Tracking the ROI generated from the ads 

We anticipate providing the best outcomes for your e-commerce store and add value to your business with our ad campaigns. Want to scale your business to new heights? Call us today, and let us create the perfect ad campaigns for your products.