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Are you unable to rank on the first page of search engines due to a poor E-commerce SEO? Do you seek the advice and services of an expert, well-versed E-commerce SEO agency? Let us grow your audience and bring a whirlpool of organic traffic to your site with an effective SEO campaign.
With over 4.66 billion global internet users, the scope of businesses has tremendously changed. To interact and engage such a broader audience, it is the dire need of every website owner to have an engaging, resonating E-commerce website design that resonates with his customers.
We are a customer-centric brand in Toronto that focuses on establishing tangible E-commerce SEO services that guarantee satisfactory business results. In this era of the ever-evolving business landscape, we strive to provide services that will help you stay on top of your competitors. 

Our SEO Process


Website Audit & keyword Research


Fixing Website Technical Issues


On-Page Implementation


Link Building

Amplify Your Business With a Better E-commerce SEO

With the year 2021, digitalization and E-commerce trends continue to evolve. Your business requirements certainly vary, and you need to understand the merits and demerits of different e-commerce platforms to ensure a productive business activity in Toronto.

Woocommerce, Magento, Wix, and Shopify are the top ones that take the lead. Our experts would help you decide the best platform for your business at Macro Digital since we continuously keep ourselves with the latest e-commerce solutions and market trends.
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Content Strategy Formulation
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Content Management
  • Reputation Management
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    A Rising Gold Rush

    With the number increasing every day, the total number of e-commerce websites worldwide has increased by over 12 million. Under these growing competition conditions, it has become significantly challenging to sustain the rankings and emerge as the leading E-commerce website.

    However, having Macro Digital as your E-commerce SEO specialists in Toronto ensures a step-by-step analysis of your business, followed by developing and implementing a practical SEO strategy that not only boosts your search engine rankings but also promotes organic conversions.

    Why Choose Macro Digital as Your E-commerce SEO Sspecialists?

    Our E-commerce solutions provide a wide range of secure services to their clients, including everything from product catalog management to online payment processing. We also ensure online security and execute other tasks like data backup and transaction processing as well. 

    We facilitate our clients by offering the most competitive prices and an efficient service that makes us the leading e-commerce solution provider.

    Our E-commerce SEO Work Plan

    Being your one-stop-shop for e-commerce SEO services in Toronto, Macro Digital takes the responsibility of day-to-day monitoring and managing your site SEO to ensure a robust online footprint. 

    We aim to boost your site’s SEO to ensure it ranks better in the search engines and offers a better ROI for your business.

    We do this by combining the following set of services:


    Our e-commerce SEO specialists begin with a detailed competitor analysis. We find potential e-commerce sites in Toronto, conduct keyword research and other sales-driving aspects that make them rank better in the search engines.

    After a detailed analysis, our e-commerce SEO specialists design the baseline for your website, create the on-page and off-page strategy and execute the SEO processed based on the productive information obtained from the competitors.

    Macro E-commerce marketing agency travels the extra mile to ensure the best search engine rankings that ultimately lead to client satisfaction.


    • Installing and monitoring Google Analytics to keep track of the site performance
    • Creating or refurbishing your existing web pages for a better SEO
    • Assessing the website elements for better conversion, including navigation and contact icons
    • Providing site maintenance, speed optimization, and ensuring a responsive website to improve the visitor experience.


    Our E-commerce SEO agency also eases our clients by providing optimization facilities to locate and optimize local citations such as Google, Facebook, etc. Also, we ensure quality backlinks that play a crucial role in site SEO and increase visitors’ confidence in the site.

    Apart from that, our E-commerce SEO services also include easy-to-comprehend and simple weekly and monthly analytics that provide a clear insight into the business and our SEO campaign’s effectiveness. 

    Moreover, these analytics facilitate our clients as they are regularly updated with the site progress, and it also paves the way for future E-commerce SEO concerns and campaigns.


    You would have probably read all the E-commerce SEO benefits regarding how it can tweak and boost your business. The greatest E-commerce SEO benefit is a more significant visitor turnover, and this increased traffic would undoubtedly spark the ignition to your online store.

    Our E-commerce SEO agency takes the lead by serving as a one-stop-shop in Toronto for your site’s SEO, and we are dedicated to offering tailor-made solutions that cater to our client’s needs and expectations.

    Our services include:


    It comprises finding out all the focus keywords used by the competitors and then shortlisting them based on search volume to target specific keywords that stand a better ranking chance in the search engines.


    It involves an in-depth analysis of the client’s website and analyzing all the SEO aspects, including backlinks, internal links, content, and much more.


    Our E-commerce SEO specialists will guide you throughout the process, and we shall optimize the existing web content on your site. Moreover, we also offer content development services for new content that would be highly SEO-focused and reader-oriented at the same time.


    Being in charge of the E-commerce SEO services, we ensure multiple internal links in the content intended to improve the SEO and make your site easily accessible and interconnected for the user. Series of internal links can save customers valuable time.


    The beauty of good content lies in the fact when other websites link to your site. Our E-commerce SEO agency will create compelling, original content for your online store that would be a source of external links for a broader audience in Toronto. 

    Ultimately, more external links would result in an improved SEO of your online store, making it rank better and easily accessible by the audience.



    Proper monitoring and the act of recording analytics is the key to success in all kinds of business. Likely, our E-commerce SEO agency streamlines the process by developing weekly and monthly stats easily understandable by the clients.

    Monitoring the search engine optimization changes over time can help devise a strategy and focus on productive campaigns.



    It won’t be an exaggeration to claim that content is undoubtedly the king. A high-quality content enriched with focused keywords and other essential SEO practices is sure to improve the overall site rankings. 

    Therefore, we also take the responsibility of updating the news/blog section of your E-commerce store to maintain and improve its overall SEO.



    With over 5.22 billion global mobile users, the trends of E-commerce business have evolved. People tend to make online purchases on their mobile phones rather than scrolling on their desktops or laptops.