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With the increasing saturation in the digital market with each passing day, conducting a successful business activity is becoming extremely difficult. Are you one of those Shopify owners who are struggling to boost their sales?
The primary reason why you are not making significant sales is SEO. Let our Shopify SEO experts guide you and market your products to a broader audience because the more your products are visible, the greater the sales.
Macro Digital is the leading Shopify SEO agency in Toronto that aims to assist clients in their business by conducting an effective Shopify product SEO that would increase their site and product visibility and engage a broader audience.

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As much as e-commerce continues to propel, it is dependent on an effective content management system like Shopify. Do you know that Shopify generated more than 218 million orders last year?
With more than 2 million dedicated users who aim to ace their online business, Shopify’s aim is increasing every day. Our Shopify SEO experts realize your need and resolve all your SEO concerns which are currently a drawback to your success.
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  • Content Strategy Formulation
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  • Content Management
  • Reputation Management
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    Macro Digital; Your One-Stop Shop for Shopify Product SEO

    At Macro Digital, we strive to combine user-friendly content and Shopify product SEO to better rank in the search engines. Our Shopify SEO experts are experienced professionals who follow our motto “design and deliver.” We facilitate our clients by offering the most competitive prices and an efficient service that makes us the leading Shopify SEO agency in Toronto.


    We realize that different e-commerce businesses work differently; an SEO work plan for one content management system may not work for the other.

    To keep up with the evolving business pace, our Shopify SEO experts are well versed with different e-commerce types and design an extremely focused and targeted Shopify campaign to increase the site SEO and ultimately provide a better chance to boost the product sales.


    Unlike many agencies that serve as an all-show and no-go when delivering results, Macro Digital ensures 100% organic traffic. Our Shopify SEO experts offer measurable results and stats throughout the process to keep track of the SEO campaign and its effectiveness.


    Our content development, web design, and reputation management services are coupled to enhance our clients’ brand image and improve their Shopify SEO that increases brand awareness.

    In this way, our clients would not only be getting increased traffic on their store, but a better brand image would also enable them to land more significant sales and conduct an effective business

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    What Do Shopify SEO Experts Offer at Macro Digital?

    Are you searching for a Shopify SEO agency in Toronto that will help you with an effective SEO campaign and help you elevate your business by managing and improving your site? You are certainly in the right place.

    We at Macro Digital believe that creating a Shopify website is not enough to conduct a healthy business. If you wish to prosper and grow your business where a substantial audience visits and purchases from your Shopify store, you need some Shopify SEO experts who can manage and get things done for you.

    We work hard to provide maximum value for your price and ensure that you receive a maximum ROI.

    Our Shopify SEO services include:


    The first phase of our service before proceeding with an SEO campaign is examination. Our Shopify SEO experts would thoroughly examine your site, it’s content quality, the quality of existing backlinks, and its overall performance.

    We also ensure that your store has a visible company name, address, and company contact number since these are the primary aspects that improve the brand image.


    After a detailed analysis of the store, we would proceed with the Shopify product SEO. For this purpose, we would be profoundly analyzing all the competitor sites, which would help us conduct keyword research.

    Our Shopify SEO experts would shortlist all the targeted keywords, search volume, and relative effectiveness in SEO.


    At Macro Digital, we strengthen the site performance by effective link building through social media marketing, online reviews, and content marketing. These ultimately help us to acquire high-quality backlinks for your store.

    Having high-quality backlinks would increase visitor engagement and create brand awareness for your online store.


    Following a 360-degree approach to Shopify product SEO, our experts render both on-page and off-page optimization.

    We understand the need for an effective SEO since it increases your store’s traffic by appearing in the top ranks. All our stores are designed to be optimized for SEO to ensure that your store lands on the search engines’ early searches.

    Our SEO experts employ both on-page and off-page optimization. We also take care of the content uploading process on behalf of our valued customers to provide a seamless experience and a functional, ready-to-serve Shopify store.

    From developing and modifying content by incorporating target keywords and using high-quality backlinks to effective back-end off-page SEO, our Shopify SEO experts got everything covered for you.


    We often quote that content is undoubtedly the king. It is especially true for Shopify product SEO. Not only can the content be used to increase the visibility through keywords that serve to rank the site better in the search engines, but it also boosts conversions.

    Good, captivating content is more likely to engage and attract visitors and convert them into customers. So, if you desire to boost your sales and improve the site SEO, it depends on engaging content.


    We believe that designs are the image of one’s intelligence. Your Shopify store theme is the first thing that would attract visitors to your store and grab their attention. This is where our Shopify SEO experts shall help you.

    Our Shopify SEO experts are passionate professionals who possess considerable experience and expertise for the cause. We come up with trendy themes based on the products that your store is expected to offer.

    Are you concerned with having a store that is compelling enough? Don’t worry; we are there to help you and get your store redesigned from scratch.


    Get a chance to bring more visitors to your site with Macro Digital at your side. We optimize different site elements that help you generate a greater return on your investment and improve your sales.

    Our conversion rate optimization includes carousel images, CTA buttons, homepage, internal links to facilitate visitors, an easily accessible shopping cart, and checkout buttons that make the shopping experience comparatively easier for the customer, ultimately increasing conversions.